Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Ilorin: Screening with the Conner’s Teachers’ Rating Scale


  • MAN Adeboye
  • TM Akande
  • GK Osagbemi
  • OIN Buhari
  • MB Abdulkadir
  • A Ojuawo


Background: The prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or its risk in North Central Nigeria has not been adequately reported. The consequences of missing the disorder and its co-morbidities are usually costly to the society. Method: Using a multi-stage sampling technique, nine primary schools from where a total of 1,480 pupils were selected across the three local government areas within Ilorin metropolis (two public and one private school from each LGA) we selected. An ADHD assessment tool - the short version of Conner's Teacher Rating Scale was administered on the pupils through their respective class teachers after training the teachers on how to administer the tool. They were classified into Inattention ADHD and Hyperactive/impulsive ADHD. Results: Of the 1480 (741 males and 739 female) pupils recruited, public schools contributed 1033 (69.8%) pupils while 447(30.2%) were from the private schools. A prevalence of 15.8% was found for ADHD risk. Statistically significant differences were present in the male to the female distribution of the Inattention ADHD, Hyperactivity ADHD (each with p< 0.05) but not in the overall ADHD index(p> 0.05). The ADHD Index was higher in the public schools. Conclusion: Prevalence of primary pupils aged 6-12 years in Ilorin at risk of ADHD is 15.8%, no significant gender variation was found. It is hereby recommended that Pre-primary school entry screening for ADHD should be instituted considered to enhance early recognition and prompt intervention so as to save the country from bad childhood that develops into bad adulthood with its myriads of anti-social and behavioural consequences.






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